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Haiku Journal Day 168 – We’re not them

Do not worry, my love
Together for twenty years
Nowhere close to them


Stay Present in the Hustle & Bustle

This year, my holiday spirit is in a different place. My friend’s husband that was fighting brain cancer passed away this week. A life taken too soon in a marriage that is too young to experience it. The Universe has been sending me these types of messages through various forms to be more mindful of my fellow humans and of my own heart. Lately, I have felt the strong pull to pay attention more to the people around me that support me at all times in my life: my husband, my family and my best friends. That’s a small circle of people. 

Life is fleeting before my very eyes and I am trying to maximize the love that I have for it and the people that I am graced while here together. The past 2 months have been some of the most reflective I have ever been of my 20 year relationship with my husband. I am more loving, patient, kind and hopeful in our love and forgive myself faster for unintentionally hurting him. It has taken a long time to get to this point. He really is my rock and I am thankful for every moment that the Universe gives us. THIS is why I am fighting with all my might to figure out the way to retire early. I want to maximize that time we have together. I want to make sure that the time we have left is meaningful for the both of us and not sacrificed to the mighty dollar. I want to make sure we are actually LIVING.

A taste of my ADD and story-telling, I am going to go off on another path for a minute to make a point…. Elephants have been making their way into my visual presence lately via pictures, gifts, articles, etc. When those types of visuals happen, I try to pay attention and so, I’ve been studying their symbolism. I’m learning, according to Animal-Symbols.com, they represent “strength, wisdom, solitude, strong sense of loyalty to the family and intelligence.” I think I am experiencing all of these things right now. Also, these are long-living animals and often I’ve heard  they do not forget anything and are a wise creatures. Perhaps, I am on a journey of wisdom. Funny, I’ve always drawn an elephant facing backwards since I was a child that I called Wilbur. Here is a pic of him.  Maybe I was an old soul all this time.

So I might not be fully engaged in all of the holiday hustle and bustle this year, but I am completely in tune to my loyalty to those that matter in my life. There is so much anger and hate in our world today. We do not need to add to it with more anger and hate because of minor inconveniences of planning the “perfect” Christmas dinner or fighting the traffic to get the “perfect” gift. The perfect gift is not a material thing or a specific event or a religion. It is not Christianity or Judaism or Buddhism or Islamism or Hinduism or “introduction” to their spiritual leaders. The perfect gift is emitting the love that those leaders were trying to teach us how to do. The gift is to be kind, patient, loving, helpful, generous and considerate when people around you are hurting or are in need.  It is representing the core of those religious beliefs and their leaders. All religions promote those gifts.

So this holiday season, give these gifts graciously and generously!  Take a moment to breathe and perhaps re-evaluate where you are at this very moment. Are you focusing on the things that matter or on the things that do not?


Until next time, I’ll be continuing my journey out of the rat race. Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a comment below!