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Haiku Journal Day 84 – A Wedding

Love celebration
Happiness enveloped all
The day was perfect

Reflecting feelings
Welcomed, loved, and entrusted
Beauty, wholehearted

I enjoyed every moment of today and felt more wholehearted than I ever have felt. From the time I got up to the time I showered before bed, I felt content. I felt present and grateful. Hallelujah! I’m learning!

Haiku Journal Day 65

So much violence
Available like head scripts
Dream world disrupted

Birds are chattery
Eight AM meeting coming

Bring on the coffee
Class with friends, passed flying high
Plus, learned a few things

Storms’ rolling thunder
Clouds billowing full and lit
With strong wind and rain

Crept fun in between
Through exhaustion, enjoy love
Food, drinks, love, laughter

Haiku Journal Day 50

Variety spice
Vacation fun date today
Relaxing as well

Coffee with three pups
Oh and the husband with me
Cherish these moments

Waffle House breakfast
Field & Stream fish tale dreaming
Playful memories

Bourbon trail first stop
Back door, five minutes away
Standard wings, poker