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Haiku Journal Day 70 – Embrace Joy

Joy smashed by my Fear
Fear pushed out by gratefulness
Savor the goodness

Playing fearful tapes
Avoiding disappointment
Expect the worst, hope….

How can you possibly know?
You don’t need to be

Am I also numbing?
Savor instead of avoid
We all do somewhat

Give up busyness
It is my form of numbing
Not savoring life

Haiku Journal Day 69 SHAME, PAIN, SHAME

And shame appeared today
I knew one day would happen
What I did caused it

I feel guilty for it
I hate I did this to you
I cry because I did

Sorry I caused doubt
Sorry I made you cry and fear
My action did this

I phoned in a friend
Crying only helps a bit
Empathetic ear

Haiku Journal Day 68 – mantra seeking 

Still mantra seeking
Be my story’s narrator
But did you earn rights?

Who has earned the rights?
My vulnerability.
I keep my guards up.

Weakness, shut it down
I can do this on my own
Can’t play without guilt

New old perspective
As you think, so shall you be
Take homework actions

Haiku Journal: Day 22

You are acknowledged
Anxiety lingers here
Replaced with logic

I see through my fear
Codependency no more
I’m worthy of it

Puppies, naps and more
Relaxing puzzle times too
Date night wings plus beer