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Haiku Journal Day 167 – Finally

Finally, I helped
He listened and I advised
Therapy does work


Haiku Journal Day 84 – A Wedding

Love celebration
Happiness enveloped all
The day was perfect

Reflecting feelings
Welcomed, loved, and entrusted
Beauty, wholehearted

I enjoyed every moment of today and felt more wholehearted than I ever have felt. From the time I got up to the time I showered before bed, I felt content. I felt present and grateful. Hallelujah! I’m learning!

Haiku Journal: Day 18

Reds Opening Day
News unusually happy
Maybe it sets tone

He told me his dreams
Smiling, laughing, Happy dream
Something changed for us

Not expecting the worst
Trusting more in each other
Why is this so hard?

Fairy tale marriages
They don’t exist in real life
Marriages take work

Haiku Journal: Day 9

Inanimate objects
No problem, but cannot see
My darlings’ auras

Need coffee right now
Dog fight, adrenaline rush
Don’t need coffee now

Scheduled float today
Jumping into dreams and heads
Setting intentions now

Convention no go
Did not pass first three reasons
Guilt feelings no more

Told him plan last night
He was skeptical, quiet
Showed essential quiz

Healing during floats
I come to you while sleeping
We made love, you woke