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Haiku Journal Day 173- Comedy

Laugh instead of cry
There are no other choices
Wine makes all better


Haiku Day 171 – I hate money

Money is going to be the death of me. Nothing gets my blood pressure higher than money and I deflect it on the husband all the time. I’m so frustrated that I can’t do more and manage it better. I often beat myself up that I don’t catch mistakes earlier and utt catches me off guard every month. It’s the same pattern….. I have a severe amount of perfectionism around this subject. It’s hard to put it all in words, but how can I be turning 41 and can’t keep the checkbook balanced?

Went to bed on time
I cried silently a bit
I want to change now

Haiku Journal Day 168 – We’re not them

Do not worry, my love
Together for twenty years
Nowhere close to them