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Haiku Journal Day 142 – The light in me

Your eyes, found my flaws
Your flaws discovered in mine
Now we grow in pair


My Need for an Outsourced Life

My world is changing, I believe. Actually I know it is and I see more and more the reason to outsource things in my life. 

Recently my husband had back fusion. Because of that, he is on medications that have side effects. There have been complexities that I don’t find fit to mention here, but I feel I’m at a crossroads with a few things. As I get more and more busy with my career and building momentum in my side hustle, there are many things that are going to suffer at home. 

I need to sort out some of these things because the last thing I want to do is not be there for my husband.  I’ve been contemplating the need for outsourcing parts of my life to eliminate stress and help me maximize my time with Josh. But I’m torn because that can cause expense. Kelsey Humphreys mentioned though that highly successful people recognized the need for outsourcing early on, so they can focus on what matters. And that is why I’m at a crossroads. I can either continue to limp along and stress about things like missing bills, not having any clothes, eating unhealthy, and much more, or I can admit it’s time to outsource one or two things. The question is what to outsource…… 

Bundle of Nervous Energy 

Today is our debut to the vendor event world! Youniquely You with Jen and Brass Hammer Designs by Josh will both have tables at Yolos Pizza and Frozen Yogurt today between 3 and 7pm.
So a quick note to remind us all how nerve racking direct sales and selling personal artwork can be.
I’m anticipating all the conversations we’re going to have today with our customers and how to convince them that my product is better than the alternatives or that Josh’s art is worth the cost.
Needless to say,  we’re nervous.  We’re afraid that what we are offering isn’t going to meet the costumer’s expectations.  Hopefully we will!!!
We have no idea what to expect on sales and if people are even interested in our products.  If we make our money back, then it’ll be a blessing. If we make a profit, life will be even better!

Wish us luck on this adventure as it unfolds.  It’s all part of our journey out of the Rat Race! And you know our ultimate goal is to be on our island.


My Why

Many of you are well aware of my WHY because I talk about it all the time in this blog. But I needed to get it in written form to share with others.

I have joined a  Network Marketing company. I never saw myself doing this and always thought of the opportunity often as a scam. But this time was different for me. I LOVE the product. So, here I am, selling Younique. I’m excited about it and hopeful that I can build what I am calling my Fempire. My husband was skeptical at first as well, but he’s seen me funding my makeup purchases and several other pampering purchases with the money I’m earning. I have so much to learn, but I now see the full potential of this.

The reason I feel it is important to write it down is because I need team members. I need people to understand WHY I am doing what I am doing and that even though their WHY might be different, this company could be their answer.

So without further delay, this is WHY am I doing this!

  1. Ultimately, I want to retire early (within 5-10 years) to a little fishing town named Cedar Key in Florida. It’s a quaint little town and my husband is a fisherman at heart and an artist by nature. It’s a perfect cove for us to live in.
  2. I’m tired of Corporate America (hence, the name of this blog). I’m tired of running this rat race and always have the same goals and nothing change. The title might change, I might get a slightly larger compensation, and I might get some recognition. But it’s a battle every day to get that and it’s tiring. It’s tiring to run on the same treadmill day in and day out and get no where. Even on the days I am making a difference, it still feels pointless.
  3. I want to smell the roses. I want to wake up at my leisure without an alarm clock; I want to listen to the birds sing in the morning while sipping my coffee and enjoy the morning sun bake on my skin. I want to stay snuggled with my dog in the morning and enjoy casual conversation with my husband. I want to slow life down, so that I am present.
  4. I don’t want to retire, then die. Seriously. So many people that we know are at retirement age now and officially leave their jobs just in time to get cancer or have a heart attack. I want to enjoy the life that has been given to me before it is taken away from me.
  5. I want to travel whenever I want without worrying about taking time off from my job. (Obviously with network marketing, I can do that anywhere). I want to visit family when I want. I want to go to other countries or other states even without thinking twice. I don’t want to fight all year for 2-3 weeks of vacation at my favorite destination. I want to be on vacation every day.

The 5th anniversary of my trip to South Korea to visit friends was just a few weeks ago. I love reminiscing that trip because it was amazing. But the other reason that I love remembering it was because I saw a life that I wanted. Expats have it figured out (well, many do). They live a full life and enjoy every minute. Once I tasted it, I wanted it!

And that, my friends is my WHY.

And it WILL BE the way that I get out of the rat race faster.

Keep following me – I’m figuring out this journey and will share along the way. Feel free to check out my website and if you have any type of love for makeup – JOIN me! I would LOVE to have you on my team, especially if we’re heading for the same goals!

I’m getting off this hamster wheel soon! I can feel it!

❤ Jen

What is your biggest DESIRE?

My friend and I were talking while at work. We just started following Kelsey Humphreys on Facebook and her May 20th post triggered a great conversation and an overall thought-provoking day. Kelsey talked about WHO WE ARE. She narrowed it down in a few statements:

  • Often times a People Problem is actually a situational problem
  • Personal problem is actually an environmental problem.
  • In other words, people try to “fit their square selves in a round hole”

So that brings me back to the conversation my friend and I were having. My friend told met hat she has been touched by the belly laughs of viral videos lately and she is starting to realize she has lost her own belly laugh. I can relate. I have about one time that i do belly laugh like that and it is when the love of my life tries to stick his finger in my belly button – drives me insane, but it’s hilarious! Anyway, my friend turned the question on me and asked me “What is your biggest DESIRE?” I told her I had a hard time describing that and went on to explain that I like not having anything that I must go do and just living with my own agenda and doing what I want. She translated it into one word for me: “FREEDOM”.

YES – FREEDOM is EXACTLY how it should be described!

And I want to find the passion to fight for that freedom – the same passion that  Mel Gibson showed in Braveheart while fighting for his freedom.

Other early retiree bloggers have mentioned this before and I totally agree with them – it’s hard to justify why I want to retire early. I mean, what am I thinking to not work anymore? Why do I deserve that? I’ve started to say that I want a career shift instead. Through soul searching, I have found that I don’t necessarily want to quit working. I just want to be free of the corporate handcuffs. I want to wake up when I please and stay in bed a little longer if I need to. I don’t want to fill out a form to say that I took training when the training is already automatically logged. I don’t want to have to report my vacation time to anyone or obey some silly dress code. I just want to be me. I want to be free of this. And I am getting closer. I’m finding ways. I’m starting to take ACTION as Kelsey Humphreys suggests.

I’m ready to fight for what matters.  Because if you aren’t fighting for freedom, what are you fighting for?

We All Die

Until next time, I will be over here fighting for my freedom and deliberately attempting to find my way out of this rat race.


Do it scared

The past couple of months I have been doing a lot of things scared. You read about me starting to network with people in my current profession in the area we want to retire. I realize that might take ten years to cultivate that relationship and I am okay with that.

On top of that networking, I started working with a network marketing direct sales company as well. At first, my goal was only to selling enough to purchase my own items. But over time, I realized that there is a really good opportunity within this particular company. One of the mottos in my team is to “do it scared.” The more that I do things that scare me in this organization, the more confident I am becoming. It is a direct correlation.

So let me catch you up where I am:
*Started in January
*Promoted in March and started earning 25% Commission
*Started recognizing the network that I already have
*This past weekend,  I started boldly reaching out to them.

I am anxious to see how this hard work will pay off. During the week, I am busting my butt at my full-time job and on the weekends I’m busting my butt with my network marketing job. I think there is a ton of possibility opening up soon. And even though I have skeptics in my life about it, including sometimes my husband, I think it’s going to take off soon.

I’m ready to put in the work while it takes off.

Until next time, I am continuing my journey out of the rat race.


Life is SHORT

I’m so ready to break free from corporate life. My only hesitation is financial stability.

One of my friends has renamed my journey out of the rat race to “Operation Florida”. She broke free from the rat race a year ago and has been searching for a job since, but from her new home in Orlando, FL. Her husband took his job with him and works from  home with his company based in Cincinnati. I am trying to figure out how to do something like that.  Then again, I just want out entirely! I mean life is way too short to do it any other way!

And so, I took some leaps the past couple of weeks.

  1. I networked like a networking fool! I emailed, researched potential connections on Facebook and LinkedIN and called some key people in the clam industry.
  2. I got Bold: I said I wanted to meet while we are on vacation there. And they took the bait!
  3. Next steps: still defining.


I am pleased with this progress and scared to death. I am trying to not to get my hopes up too high and not to rule out anything as I  believe the journey is exactly that – a journey.

There will be bumps in the road and hills and choppy waters, but eventually, we will find our place.

Until then, I hope you enjoy my story as I continue “Operation Florida.”