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Haiku Journal Day 98 – Friendship 

Good friends, trustworthy
Puppy dog life, comforting
Firefly, sleepy time

Fine lines don’t mettle
Friends don’t let friends be stupid
Good days a coming


Haiku Journal Day 87 – Ode to be me 

Oh to be me then
To be who I think you want
Be perfect for you

Now midlife crisis
Crave understanding from all
Especially you

Therapeutic talk
I think we are breaking through
You can see my heart

Haiku Journal Day 86 – friendship boundaries allowed

Regulation day
Verify, report, update
Then escalation

Contentment level
Increases in the mundane
Enjoy his silliness

Vulnerable for friend
Expectations are lowered
Reality check

Don’t have to friend all
Guilt, no need, unreasonable
I am not perfect