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Haiku journal day 206 – Quiet and Alone

Alone time, at last.
Recharging in the quiet.
I know me, you don’t.

I don’t need worry,
Only a conversation.
Imperfect balance.

Do I really love?
Or do I crave approval?
I’m in the briars.

Can’t find my way out.
I am always being poked.
I want to be calm.

Mom, boss, or husband,
I do not trust your motives.
You are all the same.

Life Class 1 0 1
Lean into the joy

What is holding me?
Not being grateful for time.
What am I thankful?


Haiku Journal Day 86 – friendship boundaries allowed

Regulation day
Verify, report, update
Then escalation

Contentment level
Increases in the mundane
Enjoy his silliness

Vulnerable for friend
Expectations are lowered
Reality check

Don’t have to friend all
Guilt, no need, unreasonable
I am not perfect