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Haiku Journal Day 187 – Raven Omen

I rested by you
I worried, waited and laughed
Then saw the raven


My Spirit Animal Revealed

I guess the timing was right and I was finally open enough spiritually for you to reveal yourself to me. I’m not certain how or when, but at some point this year it was decided: You and I would start communicating on a new level.

In some ways, I always knew. I had a fascination with large predatory birds. It wasn’t the same as with dolphins or cats like many girls venture towards. It was a deep, profound respect and almost fear of birds.

I ignored it for much of my young adulthood while I discovered myself. Then a few years ago, I visualized feeling like an eagle with chained ankles. I blamed my husband for chaining my ankles for years, then one day I realized he keeps me grounded. Not too long after that epiphany, I also realized that eagles and birds always fly close to the sun, but return safely home to the nest every night. And that was when I believe a large enough crack opened and started to widen my thick, very religious and brainwashed skull open.

So then I started speaking to birds more and more, so I could understand. Birds would fly over me and no one else, especially when I was deep in thought.

And the universe revealed it’s alchemist plan all at once…. I fell in love with a man that introduced me and takes me to a bird sanctuary for vacation. I have an uncanny ability to see the bigger pictures. Suicidal birds flocked to me right before a major “death” in my life. Birds fly over me daily. A special friend of my mom is a bird lover and my closest family members love birds. Feathers are dropped near me regularly.

It might be a fluke, but I chose to start recognizing our friendship and the eagle’s mentorship. The Universe always knew. And now that I realize I’m an alchemist, I now know too.